Monday, January 14, 2008

New Blogger Layout?

I am HTML challenged and I know it. So, if any of you super talented ladies would like to create some cute blogger layout for this recipe blog ... I'll happily welcome it! Let me know if you're interested ... pretty much, you'll have to do ALL the work ... and then send me an email with the HTML code and I'll change the layout. Leave a comment if you're interested so that if there is more than one HTML genius out there y'all can work together or something. I'm glad that y'all are all my talented friends!



The Queen Bees Book Club said...

I think your blog is great, clean, and classic just the way it is!! (But then I am a computer novice--sjhblogdesign.blogspot seems daunting at first glance but is helpful.)

The Queen Bees Book Club said...

Before I leave a recipe, I'm not sure how to get my recipe pic the size you have displayed so far. When I choose the large size (for my other blog)it doesn't come out that big . . . Kim

Janette said...


No worries ... the pics end up being all different sizes ... some are tiny. It just depends on the resolution and original size of the photo. Blogger won't enlarge any photos when you publish them. And believe me ... none of us are that picky. lol.