Saturday, November 3, 2007

Quick Chicken Recipes

When I am pregnant, I am a BIG fan of quick, easy dinners. I can usually manage a decent meal for my family by cooking seasoned chicken in a skillet, making rice or pasta, and heating up a veggie. I have a few seasoned chicken "recipes", but I am always looking for more ideas. Here are the seasoning options that I usually use:

(1) Lemon Pepper-- Just season your chicken with lemon pepper seasoning before throwing it in the skillet.

(2) Paprika-- Season lightly with paprika, salt, and pepper.

(3) Mexican-- Mix salsa and cumin seasoning together, then pour into skillet while chicken is cooking. Top the chicken with the salsa mixture and cheese before serving.

(4) Italian Herb-- Season with italian seasoning (that is really what the bottle says), salt, and pepper.

I think I have a few others, but I can't recall them now. I would love to hear what you do for a quick seasoning.