Monday, November 12, 2007

Chocolate Caramel Apple

Oops, I posted my "fave fall treat" on my blog and then forgot to post it on here. Thanks for the reminder Janette!

This is not really a recipe as much as just an idea. I make these with my oldest son and he loves it more than I ever thought he would. Here we go:

5 medium granny smith apples
1 bag kraft caramels (unwrapped, of course)
2 tbs water
1 bag wilton melting chocolates
topping of choice

1. wash and dry apples, then insert craft stick
2. line cookie sheet with wax paper sprayed with cooking spray - so apples don't stick
3. micro caramels and water until smooth.
4. dip apples into caramel and allow excess to drain off. scrap the bottom of the apple flat and place on wax paper.
5. place apple lined cookie sheet and pop in the fridge for 15 min. - just long enough for caramel to get firm
6. mirco chocolates until smooth & repeat dipping the apples
7. allow chocolate to firm slightly before rolling the apples in topping.

My tip: I use a 4 cup measuring cup so I can dip the apples in the cup. It makes it easier to get an even coating and clean up is a breeze.

Topping ideas: nuts, crushed peppermints, chocolate chips, toffee bits, sprinkles (perfect with holiday themed ones), chopped m&ms, or alternating colored chocolate drizzled on top


Janette said...

Thank you Lyn!!! I'm totally gonna make them ... and I'm not even going to try to take a picture because your's is way too cool.

JT & Lizzie Davis said...

Um, yes please! That looks SO good!