Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chicken Caesar Pitas

This is so easy and soo good. You can make the salad from scratch if you want, but it really is better right out of the kits.

1 Caesar Salad Kit (found in salad aisle)
2 chicken breasts, cooked and seasoned
Pitas (or tortillas), warmed- I use the microwave.

After cooking chicken, cut it up into bite-size pieces. Mix the caeasar kit together as directed, and then mix chicken in with it- toss altogether. Spoon into warmed pitas and enjoy.


Janette said...

THIS is my kind of recipe! I'm totally making this one!!

Kendra said...

Me too! Yummy! Off I go to Wal-Mart.

Kendra said...

I made these, so good! The kids even ate them. Nora did some dissecting, but Ethan downed the whole thing! I cheated with the recipe and made it even easier, I bought a rotisserie chicken.

Janette said...

I made these for lunch today. Gary thought I was the Queen! I took a picture. :) They were wonderful!

I seasoned my chicken with garlic salt (Lawry's), pepper, onion powder, and paprika. It was awesome. Then I made pita chips out of the left over pitas. It was great. Thanks for the "recipe" Rachel ... you're my kind of gal!