Monday, March 17, 2008

German Chocolate Frosting

1 cup evaporated milk

1 cup sugar
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup margarine (of course I only use butter)
1 tsp. vanilla
1 1/3 cup angel flake coconut . . . 1 cup chopped pecans

Combine the first 5 ingredients in saucepan, cook and stir over med-low heat until thickened 10-12 minutes. Add coconut and pecans, beat until thick with a spoon. It will thicken as it cools. I let it sit out while stirring now and again, until frosting consistency.

Thank goodness for birthdays . . . this is the only frosting we use w/a german chocolate box cake. Kim


Curt & Cassie Ford said...

I found this blog on Jen's blog. Thank you so much. I have been picking a new recipe every night and cooking it for my family. They have all been hits. You an awesome cook! You say you are ghetto, but what mom has time to be a high end chef. These recipes are perfect for me and my life. Thank you for inspiring me!

Molly, Lance and Isaac said...
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Janette said...


I did send an invite ... let me know if you don't receive it!