Monday, September 22, 2008

Meal Planning

My sister just introduced me to the coolest website for meal planning. I tell it to plan a month's worth of meals, which I can then customize to fit our life, including storing my own recipes to be included in the month's plan. Then, the best part of all, it generates a shopping list!!!! Yea! I don't love making menus or shopping lists, especially since I get in a rut with making the same old boring meals. This way, the computer "thinks" for me--it's a beautiful thing. If you're interested, it's

{I got my Stroganoff recipe (see below) from this site.}


Nancy said...

I always check your site... for something new to cook.. now ther is just two at home... been cooking for over 4o years...I am sooo tired of planning what to eat... I checked out this site... thanks... I saw lots of easy and different recipes... I will keep checking in here though..