Friday, September 28, 2007

Welcome Recipes!!

Hi everyone!

I realized today that I rarely cook and I need to change my ways!! If you have some good recipes to share, or if you come across some good ones, post them here. And if you actually cook the recipe .... take a picture and make the rest of us want to make it!!

Also, if you happen to have friends (lol) ... and they happen to have good recipes, just send me their email addresses and I'll invite them. The more people we have participating, the better the outcome! We can NEVER have too many recipes ... especially when they're FREE!

Love you all!!



Dan and Hilary said...

What a great idea, Janette! Thanks for inviting me!

Jenn said...

Great idea!!! I'm going to send out an email & see who's interested.

Janette said...

Hilary, you are VERY welcome! Thanks for coming to the blog!!!

wallis104 said...

WOW - this will be fun !!! Thanks for the invite!!!

I'll be sure to contribute...

hugs - janice

Janette said...

Hi Janice!

It's great to see you! Let me know if you have a hard time signing into the blog or creating an account. I can send you a gmail invite if you need it.


JT & Lizzie Davis said...

Thanks so much for including me! This is a great idea. I am really excited to get some new recipe's! I made a goal when we set up our kitchen to learn how to be a good cook. Good thing I have my whole married life to learn! JT is a kind and willing taste tester, but I'm sure he'll be glad for a little more variation in my abilities with all these new recipes! Love you!

meg said...

Such a great idea Nett!
I'm totally excited to get all these new recipes! I have some favorites to share!