Friday, September 28, 2007


Oh yeah ... and I forgot to tell you about categories. In Blogger, they are called labels. You can add them at the bottom of every post. Label your dish in one of these categories, or make up your own :).

Main Dish
Side Dish

etc. etc. etc.

At the top right of this recipe blog is the list of categories so that you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily, without hunting through the archives. Also, you can add more than one label, just divide each by a comma. I've added labels to the other dishes. For example, Erin's Taco Soup is a soup, but it could also serve as a main dish. You know?

One more thing .... if you are awesome enough to try the recipes, leave a comment with your thoughts .... everyone LOVES hearing how great their recipes are, lol.

OH!!! and this is a big "OH" ... if you have small children, PLEASE feel free to share any foods/tips for your picky little eaters. We can put all of those in a "baby" category. It doesn't have to be a recipe .... it can be as simple as "I tried soggy Life Cereal and my kid loved it ... I recommend it!" , lol. Sometimes, I just get so busy that my creativity goes out the window and I can't think of a thing to feed Ryan.

Thank you to everyone who has come ... hopefully we get dozens more!!! The more the merrier!!


Jenn said...

You forgot one important label MICROWAVE!!! ;)