Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

(Sorry no picture!)
This weekend I was craving some southern pulled pork. I called up my Alabama born brother who bleeds barbecue. And he gave me the following tips to make easy pulled pork:
I bought a picnic pork roast from the grocery store and put it in the slow cooker on high for 5 hours (or on low for 8 hours) with an onion, half bottle of ketchup, cup of vinegar and a rub. Supposedly the rub is the key. I mixed salt, pepper, paprika, brown sugar, white sugar, basil, thyme, chopped bay leaves and some other herbs. I didn't brown the roast before I put in it, but I guess you could do that too.
After 5 hours, I pulled out the pork and rinsed out the slow cooker. I de-boned the meat and shredded it lightly. I put it back in the slow cooker and mixed in half a bottle of BBQ sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray's), some more vinegar and a little water. I let it simmer for an hour and a half and served it on rolls! Delicious!