Monday, May 19, 2008

Turkey Marinade

I am not a big turkey fan...however, turkey marinated and cook THIS way is to die for. So good. So soft. So perfect. My aunt made this for her son's wedding luncheon (like 10 years ago) and my family was so excited to finally get their hands on this recipe...again (lost about 9 years ago). It's great on a grill but you could probably cook it another way. It's definitely a must try. And if you REALLY have turkey issues, you could just use chicken breasts. Probably be just as good.

1 quart 7-up or gingerale (diet probably works, too)
1 pint Canola oil
1 pint soy sauce
1 Tbsp horseradish
1 tsp garlic powder

Marinate turkey (I used sliced turkey breast) for 24 hours in a Ziploc. Grill or cook as desired.


Janette said...

This is a fav at our house too ... now I want to make it!!

Rachel said...

How much turkey do you use? Do you use turkey breasts?

Janette said...

I use turkey legs ... 5-6 of them. You can bake them and then grill them and baste them while grilling at the end. That's just how I do it though.

Rachel said...

I used a turkey breast. Slices up real nice and perfect for grilling. I'm an all-white meat kind of girl though.