Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to fix runny jam

Since it's the jam making time of year, I though this was appropriate. It's happened to me before.... runny Jam! I found the fix on this blog Chez Beeper Bebe .

Runny Jam Fix
I ngredients:
½ cup sugar
½ cup water
4 Tbsp lemon juice
8 tsp of no-sugar

8 canning jar lids

Empty out your runny jam from the jars into a bowl.
Wash and sterilize your jars and jar rings again, discarding the lid tops.
Sterilize your new jar lid tops. Drain and set aside on clean dish towels.
Fill your canning pot with water and bring to a gentle boil. Keep it at a
gentle boil throughout so it will be ready when needed.
Mix pectin with sugar in a large pot. Add water and lemon juice and mix.
Place over high heat and bring to a boil, while stirring continuously.
Add the jam and bring to a vigorous boil over high heat, continuing to stir
throughout. Boil for 1 minute (and no longer) while keeping that stirring
Remove from heat, stir and ladle hot jam into sterilized jars, securing lids
tightly. Place jam jars in your canning pot with gently boiling water and
boil for 5 minutes (again, keep your time on this—too long may make
your jam runny all over again and how sad would that be?). Remove jam
and allow to cool. Check lid seals once cooled—any tops that pop back
when pressed should be refrigerated.
Fixes 7-8 jars of jam (8 oz or 1 cup each)