Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fresh Seedless Raspberry Syrup

24 cartons raspberries
4 boxes Sure-Jell pectin
10 1/2 cups sugar

Go to the store when raspberries go on sale 4/$5. Buy the entire display. Be soooo excited about how you are going to make the most delicious seedless raspberry freezer JAM, that you will enjoy all year long ... until raspberries go back on sale 4/$5 again next year.

Proceed to make your jam. Painstakingly run your pureed raspberries through a small sieve strainer. This will take awhile. You might work up a sweat. But, remember how delicious your raspberry jam will taste in the middle of January when fresh raspberries can't be found anywhere.

Then, and this is the important part:

Follow the recipe on the sheet in the Sure-Jell box. Follow this recipe to a tee. Except, screw up the math and only add 1/2 the sugar you need. Don't beat yourself up. You were an Art Major, not a mathematician.

And then, but only if you screw up your math, you will end up with 12 pints (that's 24 cups!!!) of the absolute most delicious fresh seedless raspberry syrup.


Then, get over it.

And realize that ... Christmas is around the corner ... and raspberry syrup will make a great gift! Tastes great on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, in smoothies ... the possibilities are endless! Come Christmastime, you'll be everyone's favorite friend. (Just, please keep it in the freezer until Christmastime ... otherwise, you can kiss all of your friends goodbye.)

And, come Christmastime, you'll forget all about the time, energy, and love you put into making that most wonderful jam that never was.

You're welcome.


Kendra said...

Ha ha! That made me smile, laugh and reminisce... About the time I made everyone strawberry syrup for Christmas.